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V-Force is a national service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together education institutions, business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around Sri Lanka. V-Force Groups enable Academic Institutions, Corporations and other Institutions or Groups to form teams to volunteer in their communities.

V Force Teams Across Sri Lanka

This is an initiative to identify leaders within the youth of rural Sri Lanka and to mobilize groups of thoughtful citizens into transforming their villages into sustainable habitats. Active citizenship positively affects satisfaction with the living environment. V-Force Teams hopes to mobilize young people into agents of change and transformation within their own villages. Each Village Force conducts various service projects within its local community, and participates in special projects involving other societies.

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Student Groups

V-Force Student Groups promotes student volunteering and service learning and is aimed at encouraging civic behavior among young people. Members of V-Force Student Groups gain work-related experience, skills, and qualifications that can help them in their education and careers. They further acquire leadership skills, better time management, gain opportunities to meet new people and form lifelong friendships, satisfaction from having helped others and improved mental well-being.

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Corporate Groups

V-Force Corporate Groups are teams of employees who partake in social activities on a voluntary basis on community-improving initiatives. Corporate Voluntarism leads to a positive corporate brand. Furthermore, having employees getting involved in socially constructive events can lead to a culture of teamwork, employee satisfaction and productivity.

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