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About V - Force

Gammadda V-Force was launched with the objective of providing a platform for the youth to place the interests of the country before theirs and volunteer for a worthy cause


Gammadda V-Force comprising of volunteers from all over the country sets off to pre-planned locations to undertake their responsibility of building the nation. News1st has recognized the critical contribution that volunteering makes to build a strong and cohesive society that government cannot achieve by itself and has therefore supported volunteering as the essential act of citizenship. It comes from the most basic of all values- people helping people and, in the process, helping each other. The mobilisation of such a vast and active volunteer network could be considered a milestone in the history of media.

The impact V-Force will make in the lives of ordinary Sri Lankans, has only just begun."

Branches of V - Force


V-Force campaigns range from environmental cleanups to tree planting to school beautification. Since 2018, the Sigiriya North Gate Cleanup, V-Force has been working to pick up litter and reduce its harmful effects on ecosystems, wildlife and people. V-Force tree planting programs have addressed a variety of issues from coastal/river erosion, landslides, to promote biodiversity and in response to catastrophic wildfires. The V-Force campaigns offer participants a full day of service, learning and the opportunity to make life-long friends.

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Leadership Training

V-Force members receive leadership training with the aim of nurturing vision and empowering the V-Force generation. These programmes are designed with several practical activities and include 360-degree feedback, experiential classroom style programs, executive coaching, mentoring and more. V-Force Leadership Training is about learning to work courageously, creatively, and collaboratively. V-Force expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations and their communities. V-Force Leaders facilitate execution of their company’s (or community’s) strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others.

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V Force Teams Across Sri Lanka

This is an initiative to identify leaders within the youth of rural Sri Lanka and to mobilize groups of thoughtful citizens into transforming their villages into liveable villages and sustainable habitats that reflects their values and is a manifestation of their visions of ideal living conditions. Active citizenship positively affects satisfaction with the living environment. V-Force Teams hopes to mobilize young people into agents of change and transformation within their own villages. Each Village Force conducts various service projects within its local community, and participates in special projects involving other societies.

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V - Force Society

V-Force is a national service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together education institutions, business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around Sri Lanka. V-Force Societies are limited to a single society per city, municipality, town or institution. Each society also conducts various service projects within its local community, and participates in special projects involving other societies.

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