V-Force Future Leaders Forum: Let's Move Up


Let's Move Up: The Concept -Work Hard through Successes and Failures -Turn Bad Situations into Winning Opportunities -Continuous Self Improvement -Keep your Mind, Body & Soul Moving Up -Reach your Potential


Stein Studios


June 24, 2023 8:00 AM



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V-Force addressed a variety of issues including "Thinking outside the box", "Empowering your beliefs", "Exponential growth", "The power of daydreaming" and "Challenging the proverbial glass ceiling".

Several practical activities such as karaoke, DJ sets and studio tours also took place in addition to motivational and inspirational speeches in line with the event. Participants were kept engaged with constant interactions and Q &A sessions. As the program approached its conclusion, a panel discussion took place where students actively participated and contributed to the discourse. Certificates were also distributed to the students to recognize their participation in this program. This was the first V-Force Let's Move Up event- there will be many more to come- so make sure you get registered using the "Register Now" link to lock into this life defining experience and life changing movement.

The purpose of Let’s Move Up was to mold the leaders of tomorrow- by facilitating conversations, provide role models, to celebrate hidden champions, unearth stories of inspiration, develop a community of leaders and unlock joint opportunities between members of V-Force and leverage the synergies within the community. To heed Nelson Mandela's Call to Action "Let us commit towards our Common Goal, A Nation where all of us are Winners. Let us build a Nation of Champions!".

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