Let's Move Up: Village Edition


V-Force takes "Let's Move Up" into the Heart of the Village...


Bulupitigama, Gederawewa, Nawagatthegama, Puttalam


July 24, 2023 6:00 PM



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V-Force took "Let's Move Up" to the heart of the village. V-Force completed the second phase of "Let's Move Up" by holding the first Future Leaders Forum in Bulupitigama, Nawagatthegama on the 24th of July, 2023. V-Force started this phase with the goals of empowering tomorrow's visionaries and molding future leaders with a focus on resilience, emotional intelligence, and boundless potential.

Chevaan Daniel made a powerful statement that "Sri Lanka is not poor, rather it is unequal". Many rural villages lack the necessary facilities or infrastructure, to incubate successful people or potential leaders, leading to limited social mobility and stunted personal growth. As a result, young people in rural areas may not have the same opportunities to develop themselves as their counterparts in urban areas despite their aptitude or attitude, which can affect their future educational and career prospects, merely due to geographic circumstances. This can lead to fatigue and demotivation.  V-Force continued its efforts to improve the lives of rural youth and bridge the divide in Sri Lanka by motivating the young people of Bulupitigama and unveiling the world of opportunities that lie ahead.

Young people, especially those living in rural areas, must keep MOVING in mind, body & soul. They must also keep improving themselves, in mind, body and soul. This means balancing their lives and ensuring they are focusing on small, incremental steps forward each and everyday. In order to reach ones potential, one must never sit back and wait. Working hard every day, through successes and failures, is how you reach happiness and success.

Today, as young people are faced with untold challenges and easy options out, V-Force Let’s Move Up is about how to turn a bad situation into a winning opportunity.V-Force's Let's Move Up is a guiding light that shows young individuals how to transform adversity into opportunity.

V-Force’s Let’s Move Up strives to provide a platform to allow young people to have their voices heard, share ideas and inspire ambitious and gifted future leaders from all parts of the country with diverse backgrounds. V-Force's Let's Move Up initiative is a powerful force for change, striving to break the barriers hindering the potential of rural youth in Sri Lanka. By imparting invaluable skills, fostering resilience, and promoting emotional intelligence, the movement is setting the stage for a brighter and more equal future. Together, let us embark on this journey of empowering young minds and creating a generation of leaders who will shape a thriving and inclusive Sri Lanka.

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